Key projects


Engineering consulting to bearing Company regarding pitch bearing

  • Gear calculation of pitch gears (pinion and ring gear)
  • Calculation report

Development of improved axle gears for off highway SUV

  • Review current design
  • Calculation of different gear ratio
  • Supplier discussions

Consulting to European gearbox Company

  • Review gearbox design for underground coal mining machine
  • Consulting in regard to corrective actions to improve the gearbox performance


Engineering support to global leading European Wind Turbine Company

  • Power upgrade for multi MW gearbox
  • Review main bearing assembly due to power upgrade

Consulting to global leading rail transportation equipment Company

  • Review drive train test procedures and facilities
  • Test rig specification
  • Best practice improvements


Consulting to global leading European Wind Turbine Company regarding main bearings

  • Bearing supplier assessment
  • Review of design documentation
  • Inspection of manufacturing sites
  • Witness of prototype assemblies and component level tests

Consulting to Chinese service Company for underground mining equipment

  • Consulting regarding Mine Technologies
  • Engineering of spare parts and technical support at customers Mine Site

Design review of cutter head gearbox for global leading gearing Company

  • Gear and bearing calculation
  • Review of design and proposal for improvements

Engineering support to global technology Company

  • Gear calculations for high speed gearbox
  • Design recommendation for high speed gearbox


Engineering support to a global leading European Wind Turbine Company

  • support in the development of drive train components for new 3.x MW WEC platform
  • Calculation of drive trains components
  • Review of designs / calculation
  • Prepare documentation and reports, Management reporting

Consulting to German Mining Company; review of gearbox failure

  • Review existing gearbox design and root cause analysis of gearbox failures
  • Propose corrective actions on the gearbox design with reporting to mine management


Project Manager on behalf of a German Wind Turbine Company

  • development project of new rotor bearing for off-shore Wind Turbine
  • Project Management and customer meetings
  • Management / Board reporting

Design Review and expert opinion for gearboxes for railway vehicles

  • Design Review of gearbox and sealing system
  • Review of Lubrication system


Development of gearbox for sugar mill application

  • Set-up KISSsys models
  • Gear and bearing calculation
  • Overall design
  • Training to customer

Root cause analysis of shaft failure for Indian customer

  • Shaft along DIN 743
  • Comparison of investigation reports

Root cause analysis of flange breakage

  • Review of application and conditions in underground coal mine
  • KISSsys model of bevel-helical-planetary gearbox
  • Calculation of drive flange
  • Recommendation of corrective actions

Consulting Service to Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturer, 6.x MW gearbox for wind turbine

  • Set-up of prototype assembly in China
  • Supervising Chinese assembly staff
  • Set-up of lubrication test of sub-assemblies


Consulting Service to  German Gearbox Company

  • Training regarding gearbox and gear technology
  • Setup in-house expertise
  • Set-up an design department
  • Technical support to sales department

Consulting Service to one of the biggest European Wind Turbine Company

  • Review 3.x MW gearbox design
  • Interact as consultant between wind turbine company and suppliers

Consulting Service to Chinese Gearbox Manufacturer

  • Design review 3.x MW gearbox for wind turbines
  • Review of detail drawings and calculations
  • Design-FMEA


Development of a gearbox for underground mining

  • Training on the application
  • Gearbox layout
  • Interaction with suppliers

Consulting Service to Chinese Gearbox Manufacturer

  • Design Review 3.x MW gearbox for wind turbines
  • Review of detail drawings and calculations
  • Design-FMEA & Training to Chinese Staff

Concept of 3.x MW drive train

  • Concepts, design and engineering analysis
  • Interaction with suppliers, generator designer
  • Cost calculation

Development 6.x MW gearbox for off-shore wind turbine.

  • Design and analysis for certification
  • Responsibility for the gearbox design, manufacturing technologies, assembly and test procedures


Development of 3.x MW gearbox for wind turbines

  • Development of 3.x MW gearbox for a wind turbine.
  • From concept, design, assembly, testing
  • Supervising gearbox tear down after prototype test
  • Supplier assessment


Global Strategic Purchasing Project. Consulting of the project team

  • Investigate potential global suppliers
  • Site visits & Negotiations


Product and design FMEA for new gearbox design

  • Gearbox concept & overall design
  • Gears & bearings
  • Sealing system


International development project of gearbox for shearing machines (underground coal mining)

  • Gearbox design
  • Gear, shaft and bearing calculation


Development of a 1.2 MW test facility for mining gearboxes

  • Test concepts
  • Specification of power rating for testing
  • Specification of test equipment
  • Project management

Feasibility study 2.5 MW test facility for mining gearboxes

  • Test concepts
  • Specification of Power Rating for testing
  • Business case


Feasibility study of in-house gear manufacturing vs. out-sourcing of geared parts

  • Identify global need of gears inside the company
  • Define suitable machine sizes for gearing
  • Cost adjustments & Business case


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